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Oct 5, 2012 12:00pm EDT
john mccain is with us live. we'll talk about that and more with the last time presidential candidate on the gop side and the age old debate wall street bankers are they overpaid and are more cuts ahead. we got that and more top of the hour, jobs. >> sounds great. not often a finance minister is laughed at when tlifrg a speech but that's exactly what happened to spain's finance minister when he told a crowd in london that his country doesn't need a bailout. he was speaking to students at london school of economics and they chuckled at that. nevertheless the euro moving above 1.35 versus u.s. dollar. boris, good to see you. what do you make of the situation with the euro, with merkel going to greece next week, walking in to the lion's den. messy day. >> yes. but i think ultimately what you have to take away from this week is when draghi came out and said don't mess with me. basically there's a coalescing of ideas in the eurozone now around the ont and esm where most of the european key leaders are in agreement on this system. so what you're seeing, the reason you're seeing so much conf
Oct 3, 2012 7:00pm EDT
, take him to the cleaners, right out of the gate, no wasted time, do what john mccain did not get down four years ago. i hate to say that. this is a choice between tax cuts and tax hikes. you need to make that case. now i want to hear from our panelists in the kudlow caucus. former clinton white house aide, keith boykin. rick lazio, former republican congressman from new york. rick lazio, i begin with you, good evening to you. >> hello, larry. >> this is a gigantic audience, the key issue of our time is still the economy and jobs. so far mitt romney has not been able to make the sale. that's what the polls show. that's why this thing is close. why hasn't he and what's he going to do tonight differently than he's done in the past. >> i think he's going to make the contrast with president obama, why expanding the pie is in the national interest. not redistributing an ever slowing economy but expanding the pie so everybody gets a job that wants a job, people's salaries are rising. i think he needs to lay out the picture, paint the picture for the audience, frankly, larry, of what america
Oct 5, 2012 4:00pm EDT
, arizona senator and former republican candidate john mccain saying this on cnbc earlier today. >> i question exactly what those numbers are. our discussion about the w.a.r.n. act that just took place where they're in blatant violation of the law. i wouldn't put anything past this administration. >> by the way, the w.a.r.n. act he refers to requires businesses to tell employees about potential layoffs 60 days in advance. here with reangction, former lar secretary elaine chow. thanks very much for joining us. you were the labor secretary. you had the national butreau of labor statistics under you. what do you think about this possibility of a conspiracy? >> when i was at the department of labor, i think the bureau of labor statistics was very professional. they did a very good job. i don't know what's happening now. i can't speak to that. but the fact that this administration has delayed the issuance of these legally mandated layoff notices is astounding. that has never happened before. under the law, any employer, including the government, is supposed to notify the workers 60 days pr
Oct 5, 2012 1:00pm EDT
. it is a complicated story. >>> now senator john mccain joins us. senator, a very complicated story. thanks for joining us. give us your reaction to eamon's story. obviously there are a lot of moving parts given the time of year we are at and gifbt looming fisc fiscal cliff. what is your reaction to some of the accusations being made out there? >> i'm past the point of outrage that the things and measures that this white house would take. you remember the national labor relations board, he appointed people to those positions even though we were in recess as the constitution dictates. i've seen so much overreach. we're about to see some regulations concerning cyber security that completely bypass congress. so this is a presidency and administration that is breathtaking. but on the specifics of the warn act, here's the deal. everybody knows that it is in the law now that there will be some $460 billion in defense cuts beginning on the first of january. these industries are going to have to accommodate to that. and so they are going to have to take in consideration what is in the law, and that -- and the
Oct 5, 2012 4:00am EDT
that after the election you tilly get some kind of agreement sni? i was speaking to john mccain and he said don't expect noticing happen. you seem to think something can happen. why? >> i wake up pretty much every day and i update my probabilities on how likely that we'll go off the cliff. and i think that we won't. it's unmachblgable that this country as partisan as things are that policymakers wouldn't be able to come to some kind of an agreement to avoid knowingly letting things happen that will put us straight into recession. that is too high a price to pay for the inability to compromise and work this out. so the consequences of going off the cliff is that we would have very significant spending cuts and tax increases. things we need to do, but if not done smartly don't fix the problem. so there is so much reason not to have dumb policies kick in that would hamp harm the economt the policies have to start working together and they have to put together a package that won't fix the entire problem in that so-called lame duck session, but instead put in place a down payment. some amount of
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5